Immortal ZX Spectrum games: The ZX Spectrum can boast some 15 thousand titles, which is about ten times more than what is currently available for either GBA or NDS alone. This is quite a lot of games to choose from. To put it into perspective, if you try out one title each day, it will keep you occupied for more than forty years. So, where do you start?

Planet Sinclair: The Web's biggest Sinclair-related archive.

Spectrum for Everyone: This website has been created with the intention of being a truly community driven web resource for fans of the iconic British 8-bit computer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Over time it will build into a solid archive of information, reviews, articles and links to other useful places on the internet.

The Future was 8bit - divMMC Future: The best just got better, the jumperless divMMC Future already works with more Speccys than the rest, now works with even more marginal machines. For those of you that don't know, divMMC (or the older divIDE) devices let you load & save .TAP images etc directly into your Speecy from SD card. El portal español del Spectrum.

World of Spectrum: The World of Spectrum is the world's biggest archive of Spectrum related materials including tapes, disks, type-ins, cover scans, instructions, inlays, magazine scans, documentations, emulators, tools, utilities and many other things.

ZX SPECTRUM 48Kb - DEMOS, GRAPHIC, MUSIC, SPECIFICATION: This is a site dedicated to bestseller computer of 80s first half - ZX SPECTRUM 48K.

ZXuiTape: The Digital Tape Alternative for ZX Spectrum. It is used to play TZX files (games and apps) from a MicroSD card through an audio cable into where the tape deck would normally plugin thus eliminating the need for a 30-year-old tape deck. Its a play only function so no record feature. You can still record using conventional methods though. Simply find your favourite game or app in TZX file format, copy it to the sd card and the rest is straight forward. While it was designed for a 48K+ plus case you can use it stand alone on ZX Spectrum 16K, 48K and 128K.

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